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 Marshside Restaurant Goes Upscale

By Laurie Higgins
Contributing Writer
February 10, 2011

Anyone who hasn't visited The Marshside since the old building was torn down and replaced with a brand new restaurant in 2008 will be amazed at the difference.

The old Marshside had a charming cottage like feel and served breakfast, lunch and dinner. The new Marshside has dropped breakfast and is much more upscale, with an elegant dining room filled with beautiful wood accents, vaulted ceilings with eye-catching beams and a dual-sided gas fireplace. Large windows offer fabulous views of the marsh and Sesuit Creek and the booths lining the windows are roomy and comfortable.

The prices on the menu are also more upscale, and a comparison of items from a review in January 2007 indicates that the seafood stew that used to be $5.99 a cup is now $7.95 a cup. The chicken puff pie, formerly $10.99, is now $15.95 on the dinner menu. There are plenty of entrees that would fit my $20 budget, but they would have been all I could have ordered. To have a bit more variety my husband and I tried to get more creative with the choices, and we both ended up inadvertently going over our $20 budgets by a dollar or two, respectively.

Our meal began with a bread basket filled with white rolls and mini wheat loaves that were buttery and had a pleasant sweetness, but our favorite offering was the homemade Parmesan crisp crackers. We got four triangular wedges and polished them off in no time.

The corn chowder ($4.95) had a nice flavorful broth that was a perfect consistency and each spoonful had plenty of corn, diced potatoes and bits of bacon. The cup was larger than most cups we've encountered, so it seemed reasonably priced.

I love a wedge salad, but find them difficult to eat without making a mess. The Marshside solves this dilemma beautifully with "The Marshside Wedge" ($8.95), which was the best-tasting, most elegantly presented one I've tried so far. A rectangular plate was lined with three smaller wedges of baby iceberg lettuce, instead of the more common giant wedge. Diced tomatoes, cucumbers, finely chopped red onions, diced Boar's Head bacon and crumbles of Maytag blue cheese were sprinkled over the top of the wedges along with a perfect amount of tasty blue cheese dressing. A drizzle of thick balsamic added both flavor and eye appeal.

After the salad, the nice-sized serving of the steamed New England mussels appetizer ($11.95) was more than enough to leave me satisfied. The mussels were tender and tasty, cooked in a mild wine and butter broth with tiny bits of chopped tomatoes, red onion, garlic and scallions. It came with two slices of garlic toast for dipping.

The "Marshside Steak Sandwich" ($16.95) consisted of a 6-ounce New York strip sirloin that was incredibly tender and cooked perfectly to order. It came on a nice crusty sub-sized ciabatta-style roll. The steak was topped with Gorgonzola cheese, thinly sliced tomatoes and a piece of romaine lettuce. It was a satisfying sandwich and the accompanying french fries were crisp and hot.

Even though we went a bit over budget, the food was carefully prepared and the dining room was comfortable and beautiful. It is a family-friendly restaurant with drawers full of toys in the lobby and about a dozen American Girls dolls in chairs that can strap to the tables.